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20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


We are specialists in custom made jewelry and offer a wide range of services for both private customers and businesses. Below, you can find a short overview of what we offer. In case you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us so we can discuss the possibilities.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


We specialize in jewelry design and creation–from A to Z. At Van Dooren Diamonds, we combine traditional goldsmithing and diamond setting skills with new techniques such as matrix digital jewelry design, microscopic diamond setting and in-house 3D printing. Because of this wide range of expertise, we can create unique jewelry pieces which are made with utmost sophistication and care.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


Reusing old, precious jewelry pieces and rebuilding them into new, more up to date, items is what we love to do. Together with our customers, we evaluate the options and possible designs, while using as much of the original pieces of jewelry–from tiny diamonds to precious metals. Because of our precise calculations, we are able to tell you the exact costs of the project beforehand and whether the design you have in mind is feasible. Want to change the color of your gold? We can even help you with that by melting and recycling the gold.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


Your jewelry is valuable, that’s why we offer our taxation and valuation appraisal services. We make valuation appraisals for both new and heritage jewelry pieces. With our vast knowledge of antique jewelry and gemstones, we are able to determine the exact value of your pieces. And with every new purchase, a valuation report is included. These reports can be used for jewelry insurance.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


Being a traditional goldsmith, we also offer repair and alteration services. Sizing a ring or changing the mounting of a gemstone are things we do on a daily basis, and we have special in-house tools to make the impossible possible.  With each repair consultation, we use our expertise to let you know whether your repair is worth the cost.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


We offer our expertise in diamond and gemstone setting to both private and business clients. For various goldsmiths and jewelry stores in The Netherlands and Belgium, we already work as resident diamond setters. We pride ourselves on our close and fast communication and offer our knowledge when it comes to the possibilities of layout or types of diamond settings. We set diamonds at the highest level of craftsmanship and work with various techniques such as micro pavé, multi-sided micro pave, Castel, gypsy (flush) and traditional prong setting. We set stones starting from 0.55 mm and go up to 20 mm and more.

20210118 - Van Dooren Diamonds - © Chant


For businesses, we offer a 360 approach to jewelry design–starting with concept creation up to delivering prototypes and actual production. Our expertise extends from 3D design and printing using CAD software to diamond setting and laser engraving. Contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be as excited about our collaboration as we are, so please feel free to contact us with any questions. We offer many services and can customize parts of our services to perfectly fit your needs.

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